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About John Short

John Short combines his background of 43 years in the printing and publishing industry with his passion for photography, creating beautiful landscape images that have been reproduced in magazines, calendars, diaries, books and other media. A winner of several photography awards his work has appeared in some of the most prestigious calendars in the UK including "Country File" and "Children In Need" with the revenue being donated to children’s charities

As a photographer with over 40 years’ experience, John learned his craft in the days of light meters and home processing, the days when every picture required thought and consideration before pressing the trigger. John often uses vintage manual lenses as they provide that last moment of thought, the discipline of thinking about all of the components of the image before taking the shot. Merging the best of traditional photography skills with the use of the latest technology and software, he creates images that emulate in 2D the beauty and pleasure of a 3D experience.

The titles of John’s Facebook pages "See Tyne and Wear Differently," "See the Scottish Borders Differently," "See the Hebrides Differently" and "See Northumberland Differently" encompass his USP in photography, to see the subject or the view differently. With a following of over 3,000 people, his Facebook pages are extremely popular around the world.

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